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  • What We Do

    Our mission is to be your guide to gaining and maintaining health and wellness.


    At Holistic Health Orlando, we specialize in working with women with a BMI greater than 30 who are emotional eaters or yo-yo dieters.  We are your guide in taking control of your health while reclaiming your happiness and waist line.  One step at a time.

    Journaling:  Redefining Your Health

    Mission: Uncover, release or reframe the negative emotions and experiences around food.

    Journaling: Redefining Your Health is a 10-week self-guided journaling course that explores your root emotions and issues around food, relationships and eating patterns. This course may be completed on your own or may be added on to your private health coaching sessions. This course is designed for those who are emotional eaters, yo-yo dieters and those whose life is focused on filling their emotional needs through food. Investment: $197

    One-on-One Health Coaching

    Mission:  A Wave of Change in your Health

    Private clients receive a personalized health coaching program based on their specific goals, needs and current state of health.  Programs range from 6 - 24 sessions depending upon the specific needs and motivation of the client.   To ensure each of our private clients are coachable and ready for change, potential clients complete an application and participate in a complimentary Discovery Session for the coach to evaluate if the client is ready to take control of their health.   Take the first step to lifelong change by beginning the application process.

  • Our Health Centered Partnerships

    Partnering with Wellness Initiatives Now, we are able to provide more extensive and customizable options for our private and corporate clients.

    Mission:  Take the confusion and frustration out of living a gluten free lifestyle.

    Next Class Starts: Sunday, October 25th

    The 28 Day WIN Gluten Free course walks you through living a gluten free lifestyle step-by-step. This 28 day course will cover: uncovering hidden gluten in food, reading labels, gluten free food choices for each meal, snacking and desserts. We will also dive into the pitfalls of living a gluten free lifestyle including how to be a guest at a dinner party, garnering support from family and friends, making smart choices while dining out and still enjoying an active social life without consuming gluten. Investment: $197

    Mission:  guide women to become the radiant, self-confident being they were born to be.

    28 Day WIN is the instructor led online course that guides women to nurture their body, mind and spirit to bring out the confident woman within. This is an intro course designed to empower women to embrace, ignite and radiate their inner strength and confidence.


    **Registration opening soon for our next course!

    Bringing innovation to your corporate wellness program.

    Wellness Initiatives Now (W.I.N.) eliminates the confusion around creating a corporate wellness program.   We provide the education, tools and services to make your job easier, speed up the time it takes from concept to reality and make you look like a corporate wellness super hero!  

  • Who We Are

    We are your guide to gaining and maintaining health and wellness.

    Katy Graham

    Certified Health Coach


    Katy’s favorite things are kayaking, hiking, traveling, playing tourist and being the best darn cheerleader and guide that she can be for her clients.  Katy leads by example and loves to ask the questions that make her clients go ‘hmmm… I’ve never thought about that.’  


    Katy received her coaching certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and her Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Iowa State University.


  • What clients are saying


    Katy is a true professional at what she does! So very glad I found her and am able to get the
    advice I need to help me on my journey to better living!


    April M. on August 16, 2015



    Client Love!


    A big thank you to Katy Graham for the special interest she took in getting me back on track. The recommendations that she made turned things around for me at a time most needed. I commend her for her kindness and one step at a time approach. I can honestly say to make a healthy life style change with the knowledge she brings to the table you will succeed.   Thanks for the coaching Katy and the one on one phone sessions. You have offered me a healthier and more positive outlook on life. You are the best! - Angela Kissma, Director of Operation at Lanveen Freight Logistics, Inc. on February 21, 2014, posted on LinkedIN


    Above and Beyond

    Katy continuously goes above and beyond what I needed from here. As wellness program coordinator for a small accounting firm, I have worked with many in corporate health and Katy is one who really listens and then delivers! She held a fun, interactive, creative, and informative seminar/game on sugar that my whole office loved. I highly recommend and look forward to what she comes up with in the future.  - Stephanie Thurmond

    Client Results:


    I enjoyed working with Katy. I learned a lot about making healthy choices In food selection. I would recommend Katy to anyone who is ready for changes in there life.  -Teresa C.  on May 28, 2015



    Weight Loss Client


    Hiring Katy was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health.  I wanted a health coach to help me lose weight.  What I found was a health coach that inspired me to make lifelong lifestyle additions to improve not only my health, but also my outlook on life.  I selected the 6 month package and was quite surprised that I achieved my initial goal in only 3 months. The final 3 months, were spent in understanding why I had gained weight (besides food!), understanding my self-sabotage tendencies and creating healthy changes to let go of the anger and adopt a more optimistic outlook. I've never been happier with my new outlook and new size. I would highly recommend working with Katy, not only for your health goals, but life goals as well. I never realized how much the two were tied in to one another. -Gen G.  on December 27, 2014



    Review from GF Client

    Katy has helped me with a variety of health issues. She was very knowledgeable and always kind and caring. She listened to what issues I was having and came up with manageable ways to start to tackle them. I was interested in going gluten free but always felt overwhelmed by it.  She helped to break it down for me in baby steps and helped me find lots of easy recipes that my family really enjoys! She also worked with me on figuring out nutrition labels to make sure I know when a food contains gluten. With Katy's help, I finally turned the corner with my health and I am feeling much better and more in control. I would highly recommend working with her!  -

    Lindsay R. on July 23, 2014


    Lowering Blood Pressure


    I worked with Katy on lowering my blood pressure. I really didn't want to go on medication so I chose an alternative route. Katy not only got me eating the foods that would allow me to lower my blood pressure naturally, she also helped me with techniques and exercises to keep manage my stress which in turn keeps my blood pressure from rising. I really appreciated the fact that we could meet in person OR have a phone session. It gave me the flexibility I needed in my hectic life. She was very caring and kind.  Her compassion is what stands out to me. -

    Kathy D. on June 12, 2014





    Individualized Programs

    I've been working with Katy from Holistic Health Orlando for nearly 2 months, and I'm so pleased!  We've been going through the 6 month Health Coaching program, and its amazing to me the impact that small simple things are having on my day-to-day well  being.  Katy's instruction style is so encouraging and friendly - I love how easily she has introduced small changes that are making a big difference.  I expected a lot of "do this, not that" but her approach has simply helped me discover what does and doesn't work for my health, and beyond that actually.  Katy's approach is very much geared to helping people learn how to care for their whole self - mentally, physically, and emotionally - and about guiding people as individuals discover what works best for them.  - Lisa W.

    More Client love!

    "Thanks to Katy, I feel better than I have in years, and people are noticing!"

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